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Flat Ribbon Cable Tester

 Ribbon Cable Tester

The Ribbon Cable Tester is designed to test the most commonly used flat cables for wiring continuity, opens, shorts, any mis-wiring. An intelligent CPU will memorize the correct wiring configuration for an flat cable, thus enabling mass production cable assemblies to test one cable after another for pass or fail status. It is an excellent tester for system integrators to perform inexpensive tests on internal PC cables.

Connectors: TX: IDC 50/40/34/26/10 Male, DB15 Male DB9 Female, RX: IDC 50/40/34/16/10 Male, DB25 M/F

Control switch: READ, UP, DOWN, TEST

Display: LCD display with back light

Battery: 9V DC battery or 9V DC 150mA Power Adapter

Dimensions: 250mm x 134mm x 35mm

Weight: 1.76lbs

Ribbon Cable Tester

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Compact Flat Ribbon Tester

Test cable most common Flat ribbon assemblies

Compact Flat Ribbon Tester

Memorizes Pin configurations for quantity testing

Compact Flat Ribbon Tester

Liquid crystal display

Compact Flat Ribbon Tester

2 x 40 pin Extension ports

Compact Flat Ribbon Tester

IDC 50, 40, 34, 26, 10 and the D-Sub series

Compact Flat Ribbon Tester

Easy to operate

Part Number T3031


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