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PC Cable Tester ATA PRO

PC Cable Tester ATA PRO is an advanced version of the original PC Cable Tester, now supports a serial AT Attachment.  With this new addition, PC Cable Tester ATA PRO is now capable of testing almost any PC cable on the market. 

PC Cable Tester is a stand-alone test device designed to provide the user with a wire map of standard PC data cables (USB and 1394 Firewire available on Pro version).

The unique LED display clearly determines wiring status by providing a point-to-point pin-out of the actual wiring configuration. Quickly and simply diagnose the existence of open wires, shorted wires, crossed wires and miswiring. It is an essential tool for cable dealers, cable assembly houses or system integrators to quickly troubleshoot PC data cables-where most data transmission problems occur.

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PC Cable Tester


Tests most RS232, Printer and Network Cables


LED Glow enhanced for printer cable test


Choose between Auto or Manual test


Simple to set up

Part Number T3027


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