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LANID Pro with more capabilities

LANIDgiga an advance edition of Hobbes LANID Pro

The LANIDgiga is an advance edition of Hobbes LANID Pro with more capabilities. It is a high efficiency diagnostic tool for network installation and troubleshooting. With the LANIDgiga, network administrators can quickly confirm status of an active port. It will diagnose the problems during the LAN installation or maintenance on LAN devices or wall ports. The unit indicates whether the LAN equipment being tested supports the following topologies and capabilities:

1000 BASE–T full duplex
10/100 auto negotiation
100 BASE–Tx full duplex
100 BASE–Tx half duplex
10 BASE–T full duplex
10 BASE–T half duplex

Also the unit integrated the POE function, it identifies the existence of POE and the type of the PSE (power sourcing equipment) on the entire networks. The unit is also equipped with a port-finder function. The port-finder feature helps to find out the workstation.

To check the existence of POE
Identifying the type of the PSE, whether the POE voltage is detected on the pair 12–36 (EndSpan), or on the 45–78 (MidSpan)
Identifies the port speed up to Gigabit
Two RJ-45 plugs (one for testing switch/hub directly, the other for testing NIC)
With portfinder function
Complied with IEEE802.3af standard
Port-finder function to locate corresponding socket on 10/100M or Giga hub/switch

Port type: 2 x RJ-45 Ports
Battery: 2 x AAA battery
Display: LED indication
Dimensions: 215 x 38 x 36mm
Weight: 120g
Operating temp. : 0? to 40?


LANIDgiga - Giga LAN Device Status Identifier

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