Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Fiber Optic Patch Cables and Adapters, Singlemode 9/125 & Multimode Cables and Patch Cords

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Since 1996 PRO-LINK,LLC has expertly sold fiber optic patch cables and adapters to government agencies, retail stores and OEM facilities.  Among the products offered is our custom fiber cable manufacturing services, including Custom ST, SC, LC, SMTP, MTP, MPO BICONIC,MU, VF45 Volition,E2000, ESCON,FDDI, Multimode or Singlemode 9/125 fiber optic patch cable designs.  We are able to utilize our extensive knowledge in and experience with custom cable manufacturing with all types of cables to provide a quick turnaround of quality product, ensuring for our clients a cost effective and high quality solution to their fiber optic patch cable and adapter needs. 

Call Pro Link Products today for more information about our selections of standard and custom made fiber patch cords and our fiberoptic cable and coax cable selections.  Just click on an image or call Our staff is here to assist you at toll free (714) 420 2658 and to help you to buy fiber optic cable products that specifically meet for needs at a price point that offers not only top quality, but outstanding value and service as well.

MT-RJ Fiber Patch CablesMT-RJ Fiber Patch Cables
Multi-Mode Fiber Patch CableMulti-Mode Fiber Patch Cable
 LC Fiber Patch Cable - MULTIMODE LC Fiber Patch Cable - MULTIMODE

 LC to SC, ST and FC Fiber MULTIMODE Cables

MULTIMODE Fiber SC and ST Patch Cords

MT-RJ to LC, SC and ST MULTIMODE Fiber Cables

LC OM4 CablesLaser OM4 speed 10GB/100GB Cables

LC, SC, ST Laser OM4 speed 10GB/100GB MULTIMODE Cables

FJ Cable Assemblies FJ Cable Assemblies

 FJ to FJ, LC and ST MULTIMODE Cable Assemblies

Single-Mode Fiber Patch CableSingle-Mode Fiber Patch Cable

Single-Mode Fiber SC to ST Patch Cable

D4 Fiber Optic CablesD4 Fiber Optic Cables
FDDI Fiber CablesFDDI Fiber Cables

FDDI to FFDI, LC, LC and ST MULTIMODE Fiber Optic Patch Cables

MPO / MTP Fiber Optic CablesMPO / MTP Fiber Optic Cables

MTP / MPO, LC and SC OM3 and OM4 Fiber Optic Cables

ESCON Multimode Fiber CablesESCON Multimode Fiber Cables

ESCON to ESCON, LC and SC MULTIMODE Fiber Patch Cords

Biconic CablesBICONIC Fiber Optic Cable

BICONIC to BICONIC, LC and SC Fiber Patch Cables

ODE Cables for Base station antenna
Mode Conditioning Fiber CableMode Conditioning Fiber Cable
E-2000 Fiber Patch CablesE-2000 Fiber Patch Cables

E-2000 Fiber Patch Cables

Base station Antenna cables, ODE various types

Mode Conditioning Fiber Cables

10-GB-Fiber-CableFibre Optic Multi-Core Cables
Fiber AttenuatorsFiber Optic Attenuators
Single Mode TrunkFibre Optic Multi-Core Cables
Laser speed OM3 10GB Cables Laser speed OM3 10GB Cables

 Laser OM3 LC, SC, ST and FC MULTIMODE Cables, 10GB

VF35 Cable AssemblesVF35 Cable Assembles

VF45 to VF 45, LC and SC MULTIMODE Cable Assembles

LC Fiber Patch Cable - SINGLEMODE LC Fiber Patch Cable - SINGLEMODE

 LC to LC, SC,ST and FC Fiber Singlemode 9/125 Patch Cords

MU Fiber CablesMU Fiber Cables

MU Fiber Optic Cables

SMPTE Cables

D4 to D4, LC and SC Fiber Optic Cables

All types of Fiber Optic Attenuators.  We cater for Singlemode 9/125 and Multimode, all Fiber Optic Attenuators are custom made at our facility.

PRO-LINK manufactures Multifiber Singlemode 9/125 / Multimode factory polished fiber  cables.  The counts are from 1 to 144 fibers of your choice and  connector style and breakout instructions.  Just call us with with your  specification.

We assemble Rugged Stainless Steel  Fiber SMTP Cable assemblies utilizing two  Singlemode 9/125 fiber contacts, two high voltage contacts and two signal  contacts.  We also repair used cables as well.

Custom CapabilitiesCustom Capabilities

Custom Capabilities

Fiber Optic AdaptersFiber Optic Adapters

Fiber Optic Adapters

sma cables1

SMA Fiber Cables

Custom Pigtails

Custom Singlemode 9/125 PIGTAILS

SFP Transceivers

SFP Transceivers

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